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Being professional always means to know what a high quality safety shoes are. We tried to determine the main measurable aspects of how we understand quality   

TALAN Group had started the testing the safety shoes under own TALAN logo at TÜV Rheinland®Laboratory Germany from 2012 onwards. It proves the quality of products as per EU norms. The last update of TALAN safety shoes certification shows the significant quality predominance of TALAN safety shoes compared to norms among few of most important testing parameters.


Sole adhesion up to 1.75 times above standard requirements

Upper tear resistance for Economy series shoes up to 2.7 times above standard 


Lining tear resistance up to 5.6 times above standard requirements


Sole slip resistance up to 2.3 times above standard requirements 

Upper water vapour permeability up to 

3 times (Economy series) - up to 8.6 times (Premium series) above standard 


Lining water vapour permeability up to 

30 times above standard requirements