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Work shoes • safety shoes • BHP boots compliant with standarts

For many years, Talan has been producing high-quality work shoes that meet the applicable standards resulting from occupational health and safety regulations. The offer includes numerous models adapted to the requirements of specific industries. The work shoes among them are professional and durable products made of the highest quality materials. The innovative technologies used for production, combined with thoughtful design, allowed for the fulfillment of the set functional and ergonomic assumptions. Modern designs are also responsible for the fact that safety shoes look very good. Their aesthetics in each series is consistent and in line with the expectations of representatives of many industries to which they are addressed.

Ergonomic shoes that are safe for professionals

Talan offers models that work well in various weather conditions. There are both universal-purpose products and winter construction boots that effectively protect against low temperatures. Proper design, durable materials and their resistance guarantee wearing comfort and protection during intensive work indoors and outdoors. Additional reflective elements, toe caps to protect against high-force impacts and anti-puncture inserts make these shoes safe and meeting the accepted standards. Many years of experience in the industry allowed us to create specialized solutions appreciated by professionals who value the highest quality.

Work shoes - professional protection in various conditions

The basic task for which OHS safety shoes are intended is to ensure an appropriate level of safety for users. Regardless of the conditions in which they work on a daily basis, the shoes they wear should meet a number of standards providing thermal insulation, protection against mechanical damage, as well as high wearing comfort, because it includes the efficiency of the activities performed depends on it. For example, when working in low temperatures outside, construction winter shoes are necessary, which not only protect against the cold, but also prevent dangerous falls. Depending on the nature of the work performed, it is possible to choose a different type of footwear.

Our shoes are safe for the environment

Solid workmanship and ease of use are not everything - choosing the right work shoes for them, a professional environment is very often guided by the good of the natural environment. Meeting contemporary ecological standards, such as ISO 14001, is becoming an increasingly common selection criterion for many industry products. It is worth remembering that it is not only about making footwear from the right materials, but also, among others, the carbon footprint of the entire production process or the packaging in which the shoes are transported. Environmentally safe standard values ​​are one of the priorities for our company, so you can confidently buy from us without worrying about the condition of the planet.