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In the realm of industrial safety, Talan stands out as a manufacturer with high-quality products, delivering an extensive range of tactical shoes that seamlessly integrate advanced technologies with premium materials. Tactical shoes are specialized footwear designed to meet the unique needs of individuals engaged in tactical activities, such as military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts. These shoes are crafted to provide enhanced performance, durability, and comfort in various challenging environments and situations. Buy tactical safety shoes in Poland you can easily on this site.

Technologies and Materials

  • Nickelfree Steel Toe Cap and Midsole

The incorporation of nickelfree steel for toe caps and midsoles ensures robust protection against sparks and molten metal, addressing concerns related to allergic reactions. The added advantage of reduced weight makes these tactical shoes a comfortable choice for extended wear.

  • FiberCap

Talan prioritizes the lightweight aspect of safety footwear. Crafted from a composite material, the fiberCap provides stainless and thermo-neutral properties, ensuring comfort in a range of temperatures while maintaining the required safety standards.

  • AluComfort

Featuring lightweight aluminum toe caps at an impressive 2 mm thickness. This design ensures safety while providing a snug fit, offering a compelling option for those who prioritize comfort without compromising protection.

  • MaxFlex Midsole

Constructed with Kevlar material, it combines flexibility and breathability, providing users with a comfortable yet fully protective experience during extended work periods.

  • BASF Sole

Utilizing polyurethane from the renowned German chemicals manufacturer. This two-layered sole, comprising an inner PU layer and an outer layer, ensures durability, softness, and appropriate weight distribution for reduced fatigue and healthier joints.

  • PU, TPU, and Nitril Outsoles
    Varying degrees of slip resistance, tear resistance, flexibility, and durability. Each outsole is meticulously designed to excel in specific work conditions, ensuring optimal safety.

  • FullPower duoSystem
    Introduces an innovative cleat system, providing a larger contact area for better slip resistance. 

  • Ankle Protection Systems - ESP and HSS
    These systems not only secure the heel, protecting joints during potential knockovers, but also offer additional protection for the ankle bone, crucial in challenging work conditions.

Technologies and Materials: Comfort

  • Leather

Talan places a premium on comfort, beginning with the meticulous selection of high-quality leather. 

  • StrongProtection

A 2 mm thick leather that surpasses industry standards for tear resistance and breathability. 

  • CrasyHorse

Talan incorporates CrazyHorse leather known for its durability, attractive appearance, and remarkable breathability—up to 8.6 times higher than EN:ISO standards.

  • Cordura

Talan's tactical shoes benefit from increased tearing strength, water repellency, breathability, and lightness, further enhancing the overall comfort and performance.

  • PU Coating and airSurf Fabric

PU coating to provide breathability and durability. The airSurf Fabric lining offers wear resistance, tear resistance, and breathability, ensuring comfort throughout long workdays.

  • Teklife

A highly soft and moisture-absorbing lining, preventing plaque formation and unpleasant odors. 

  • Vildona Removable Insole and staBene

Made of a special non-woven textile blend, this insole combines heat isolation with excellent absorption attributes. Additionally, Talan incorporates staBene, the latest comfort technology from a renowned Italian manufacturer.

Advantages of Purchasing Tactical shoes from TALAN

Purchasing Talan's safety shoes BHP directly from the online shop in Poland provides a host of benefits:

  • International Shipping

  • Direct Access to Talan's Innovation

  • Diverse Payment Options

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Efficient Customer Service

    Talan's tactical shoes, combining advanced safety technologies with premium comfort materials, represent a pinnacle in the industry. Purchasing these state-of-the-art work boots directly from Talan's online shop in Poland adds an extra layer of accessibility and assurance for professionals worldwide. As the industrial landscape continues to evolve, Talan remains at the forefront, offering a seamless online shopping experience for those seeking uncompromising safety and comfort in their footwear.

    Commander 216
    New Hot
    Model: Commander 216 Stock: In Stock
    Upper of strongProtection leatherExtremely breathable airSurf Fabric liningstaBene last for more comfortRemovable antistatic anatomically-shaped insolefiberCap for less weight with perfect protectionLight and flexible maxFlex kevlar midsoleAntistatic oil-resistant slip-proof PU-PU sole from BAS..
    Storm 4300 Brown Storm 4300 Brown
    New Hot
    Model: N(dbr)A4300(W)-2 Stock: In Stock
    Upper material: Nubuck 2,0-2,2 mm thick, waterproof 180 minutes, dark brown;Upper part of backstay and tongue: CORDURA black, moisture and abrasion resistant, with high vapor permeability;Membrane: breathable and waterproof ePTFE;Backstay made of thermoplastic 1.8 mm thick double-coated;Toe cap..
    Model: X(bl)A4333(w)-2 Stock: In Stock
    Upper material: Grain smooth leather, 2,0-2,2 mm thick, waterproof 180 minutes, black;Upper part of backstay and tongue: CORDURA, moisture and abrasion resistant, with high vapor permeability;Membrane: breathable and waterproof ePTFE;Backstay made of thermoplastic 1.8 mm thick double-coated;Toe cap ..
    Model: KPU(dbr)4435(we)-2 Stock: In Stock
    Upper material: Suede leather coated with polyurethane of honeycomb-like form. Toe and heel covered with extreme durable leather. PU-coating.Lining: water-resistant MESH, biege, brown or black (depending on model);Membrane: Membranе ePTFE, water-repellent, breathable, demi-season;Upper part of backs..
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